accepted papers

Manindra Agrawal, Thanh Minh Hoang and Thomas Thierauf.
The polynomially bounded perfect matching problem is in NC^2
Alberto Bertoni, Massimiliano Goldwurm and Violetta Lonati.
On the complexity of unary tiling-recognizable picture languages.
Dietmar Berwanger.
Admissibility in infinite games
Laurent Bienvenu.
Kolmogorov-Loveland stochasticity and Kolmogorov complexity
Francine Blanchet-Sadri, Joshua Gafni and Kevin Wilson.
Correlations of Partial Words
Hans Bodlaender.
A Cubic Kernel for Feedback Vertex Set
Mikolaj Bojanczyk and Piotr Hoffman.
Reachability in Unions of Commutative Rewriting Systems is Decidable
Felix Brandt, Felix Fischer and Markus Holzer.
Symmetries and the Complexity of Pure Nash Equilibrium
Janina Brenner and Guido Schaefer.
Cost Sharing Methods for Makespan and Completion Time Scheduling
Davide Bresolin, Angelo Montanari and Pietro Sala.
An optimal tableau-based decision algorithm for Propositional Neighborhood Logic
Peter Buergisser.
On defining integers in the counting hierarchy and proving arithmetic circuit lower bounds
Sergiu Bursuc, Hubert Comon and Stephanie Delaune.
Associative-Commutative Deducibility Constraints
Costas Busch and Srikanta Tirthapura.
A Deterministic Algorithm for Summarizing Asynchronous Streams over a Sliding Window
Jin-Yi Cai and Pinyan Lu.
On Symmetric Signatures in Holographic Algorithms
Ioannis Caragiannis.
Wavelength management in WDM rings to maximize the number of connections
Olivier Carton, Jean Berstel, Luc Boasson and Isabelle Fagnot.
A First Investigation of Sturmian trees
Arkadev Chattopadhyay, Andreas Krebs, Michal Koucky, Mario Szegedy, Pascal Tesson and Denis Therien.
Languages with bounded multiparty communication complexity
Andrew Childs, Aram Harrow and Pawel Wocjan.
Weak Fourier-Schur sampling, the hidden subgroup problem, and the quantum collision problem
Amin Coja-Oghlan, Michael Krivelevich and Danny Vilenchik.
Almost all k-colorable graphs are easy
Bruno Courcelle and Andrew Twigg.
Compact Forbidden-set Routing
Artur Czumaj and Christian Sohler.
Small Space Representations for Metric Min-Sum k-Clustering and their Applications
Peter Damaschke.
The Union of Minimal Hitting Sets: Parameterized Combinatorial Bounds and Counting
Benjamin Doerr.
Randomly Rounding Rationals with Cardinality Constraints and Derandomizations
Adrian Dumitrescu and Csaba Toth.
Light Orthogonal Networks with Constant Geometric Dilation
Robert Elsässer and Thomas Sauerwald.
Broadcasting vs. Mixing and Information Dissemination on Cayley Graphs
Javier Esparza, Stefan Kiefer and Michael Luttenberger.
On Fixed Point Equations over Commutative Semirings
Eldar Fischer and Orly Yahalom.
Testing Convexity Properties of Tree Colorings
Enrico Formenti and Petr Kurka.
A search algorithm for the maximal attractor of a cellular automaton
Iftah Gamzu and Danny Segev.
Improved Online Algorithms for the Sorting Buffer Problem
Hugo Gimbert.
Pure stationary optimal strategies in Markov decision processes
Christian Glaßer, Alan L. Selman, Stephen Travers and Klaus W. Wagner.
The Complexity of Unions of Disjoint Sets
Iman Hajirasouliha, Hossein Jowhari, Ravi Kumar and Ravi Sundaram.
On Completing Latin Squares
Masahito Hayashi, Kazuo Iwama, Harumichi Nishimura, Rudy Raymond and Shigeru Yamashita.
Quantum Network Coding
Pinar Heggernes, Karol Suchan, Ioan Todinca and Yngve Villanger.
Characterizing minimal interval completions: Towards better understanding of profile and pathwidth
Chien-Chung Huang.
Cheating to Get Better Roommates in a Random Stable Matching
Christian Hundt and Maciej Liskiewicz.
On the Complexity of Affine Image Matching
Gábor Ivanyos, Miklos Santha and Luc Sanselme.
An efficient quantum algorithm for the hidden subgroup problem in extraspecial groups.
Telikepalli Kavitha, Kurt Mehlhorn and Dimitrios Michail.
New Approximation Algorithms for Minimum Cycle Bases of Graphs
Pascal Koiran and Sylvain Perifel.
VPSPACE and a transfer theorem over the reals
Daniel Kral.
Computing representations of matroids of bounded branch-width
Ralf Kuesters and Tomasz Truderung.
On the Automatic Analysis of Recursive Security Protocols with XOR
Manfred Kunde.
A new bound for pure greedy hot potato routing
Gregory Lafitte and Michael Weiss.
Universal Tilings
Soeren Laue and Stefan Funke.
Bounded-hop energy-efficient Broadcast in low-dimensional Metrics via Coresets
Troy Lee.
A new rank technique for formula size lower bounds
Nutan Limaye, Meena Mahajan and Raghavendra Rao.
Arithmetizing Classes arround NC1 and L
Sylvain Lombardy.
On the Size of the Universal Automaton of a Regular Language
Ilan Newman and Yuri Rabinovich.
Hard Metrics from Cayley Graphs of Abelian Groups
Jan Poland.
On the Consistency of Discrete Bayesian Learning
Andrea Sattler-Klein.
An Exponential Lower Bound For Prefix Gröbner Bases in Free Monoid Rings
Henning Schnoor and Ilka Schnoor.
Enumerating all Solutions for Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Lutz Schröder and Dirk Pattinson.
Rank-1 Modal Logics are Coalgebraic
Thomas Schwentick and Volker Weber.
Bounded-Variable Fragments of Hybrid Logics
Hans Ulrich Simon.
A Characterization of Strong Learnability in the Statistical Query Model
Marc Tedder and Derek Corneil.
An Optimal, Edges-Only Fully Dynamic Algorithm for Distance-Hereditary Graphs
Oleg Verbitsky.
Planar graphs: Logical complexity and parallel isomorphism tests