MoVeP 2010 (28. June - 02. July 2010, Aachen)
Student session
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18.6.2010 detailed schedule is online
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22.5.2010 submission closed
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Important Dates
registration: April 12 - June 1, 2010
submission: until May 21, 2010
(for student session)
special rates for accommodation:
until May 27, 2010
school: June 28 - July 2, 2010
Student Session


In addition to the tutorials and technical talks of the school there will be student sessions, where students have the opportunity to report on their work by giving short presentations. The presentation should introduce:
  1. the research area and main theme,
  2. the directions of the work,
  3. some results (obtained or expected).

Based on the submissions the oranizing committee decides which of the abstracts are accepted for presentation at the school.

Extended abstracts should not exceed 6 pages and should be prepared with LaTeX2e using the documents class movep.cls. The usage is explained in an example document.

Submission is closed.

Final Versions

  • Deadline for final versions is June 13, 2010.
  • The final version should be prepared using the same style file as for the submissions (see above). The page limit is 6 pages, as for the submission.
  • Please put the files of your final version in a directory named in the following form: number of submission-your name
    Your submission number is given in the review that you received by email.
  • Create a compressed archive (zip or tgz) of the directory. The archive should contain all files that are required for compilation, and a PDF version:
    • The LaTeX source
    • A PDF version of the paper
    • All files that are included (external graphics etc.)
    • The bibiography file if you use BibTeX
    • All nonstandard packagages that you use
  • Submit the compressed archive by mail to
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