Applied Automata Theory

» This course is given in English.

» There is an L2P learning room for this course.

Lecture in Summer Term 2012

Type Schedule Start Lecturer
V3 Mon 14:15–15:45, AH II
Wed 09:00–09:45, AH V

Ü2 Wed 13:30–15:00, AH IV 24.04.2013 Löding, Chaturvedi, Lang


In this lecture of theoretical computer science, we extend concepts and results of the undergraduate course on automata theory. These results can be used for information processing and system construction/analysis.

The following topics are covered in the course:

  • simulation, bisimulation and efficient minimization of automata
  • algorithmic learning in the context of automata theory
  • weighted automata and probabilistic automata
  • automata and (second order)logics
  • pushdown systems
  • undecidable problems in automata theory
  • petri nets

A part of the content of the lecture can be found in the old script.

Previous Knowledge

Knowledge of automata theory as presented in basic courses is required for participation.



Credits and usage

The course is adressed to bachelor students as well as to master students with major or minor in computer science or software systems engeneering. However, the exercises and the exam will be different depending on whether you are bachelor or master student.