Finitely Represented Infinite Graphs - Structure, Behaviour, Algorithmics

This project is funded by DAAD within the Procope programme. It supports an ongoing research collaboration with the group Galion (IRISA) in Rennes. It is coordinated by D. Caucal (Rennes) and W. Thomas (Aachen).

The main research activities pursued in this project are structural characterizations of classes of infinite graphs, the comparison of different graph classes and the investigation of their language theoretic as well as algorithmic aspects.
Activities within in this project include workshops and individual research visits.

AutoMathA: Automata - From Mathematics to Applications

This project is funded by the European Science Foundation ESF. It is coordinated by S. Crespi-Reghizzi (Mailand), J. Almeida (Porto), and J.E. Pin (Paris).

This project is a multidisciplinary programme at the crossroads of mathematics, theoretical computer science and applications. By setting up a framework where new applications of automata theory an theoretical insights can be communicated and shared by an open and qualified group of European scientists, this programme will catalyse progress in both directions. Specialized workgroups, full conferences, schools for training young researchers and grants for short visits or exchanges will be the main tools for producing synergies between the main European teams in this domain.

GAMES - Games and Automata for Synthesis and Validation

GAMES is a Research Training Network funded by the European Comission under the Fifth Framework Programme. The collaboration involves seven European universities and one from the US, and is co-ordinated by Erich Grädel (Research Group Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science).

Research Objectives

There is a growing need for formal methods that guarantee the reliability, correctness, and efficiency of computerised systems. This project adresses this challenge by developing specification and validation methodologies that are based on games and automata. Oriented at both foundational research and modern applications, this network aims to provide a novel set of techniques for the synthesis and validation of computing systems.

GAMES Homepage

ULI - Universitärer Lehrverbund Informatik

Universitärer Lehrverbund Informatik (ULI) is a network project funded by the "Zukunftsinvestitionsprogramm" of the BMBF, where 18 Computer Science chairs from 11 universities cooperate. The aim is to virtualize to some extent the studies of computer science considering the following background:

  1. For a growing number of students fulltime studies are not realizable for family or job related reasons. To some extent virtual studies with temporal or spacious independent courses can facilitate studies.
  2. For students of FernUniversität the cooperation provides the possibility to use the professional broadness of a number of presence universities and to take courses there.

Within the scope of the ULI project, eCase, a mobile solution for preparation, presentation and recording of courses has been developed.

Information on eCase (in German)